Friday, December 30, 2011

VMD 100

3nity and 3X exhibited at VMD 100, Guangzhou, China.

VMD 100 exhibition was held in conjunction with Visual Communication Design Summit 2011. It was exhibited at 2 locations, Redtory and The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

VCDS 2011 conference 26 & 27 Nov 2011. Among the key speakers are Stanley Wong, Tommy Li.

Guangzhou Academy

opening ceremony at redtory


It was my (Luke) pleasure to meet new friends and...

...rekindle old friendship. This is Shao Qiang.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Man&God International Visual Feast 2011 at Tallinn Estonia

Elevator, Tallinn, Estonia | 17 Sept to 9 October 2011 ( Extended Date )

Man&God recently invited to participate in the IF... Innovation Festival Tallinn, a festival that promotes creativity and innovation. Together with Jesper von Wieding, co-founder of 3x and joint-curator of Man&God in Europe, Joseph Foo is invited to speak to the local/international community and guest on the idea behind the Man&God visual feast and works collected from all over the world since the project started in 2003.

Lee Swee Keong, our very own Butoh master graces the opening of Man&God with his performance that captured the essence of Man & God and the venue, Elevaator at the Rotermann district, a building which use to be a storage for wheat and grain a few hundred years ago.

Audience in front of "Dear God" installation, waiting for Lee Swee Keong's performance.

Orange pray station, by Hung Lam, co-design, HK

Interacting with the local design and arts community.

"Air" series in memory of our dear friend, Caecar Chong.

War in the name of God? We don't think so...

The curators Joseph Foo and Jesper von Wieding, organizer Ilona ( 2nd from right ), musician Arnold (third from right), performer, Lee Swee Keong ( fourth from left ) and our coordinators Silja and Joonas.

Interview by local media

Interview by local media

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ipoh Gastronomy & Photography Trip

A feast of dim-sum, guys, girls...

...and gadgets.

Food critic session by our Design Director.

3nity’s designers in action.

The sights & flavour of Ipoh

A family portrait to wrap up the trip. Where’s Leena??

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Penang Global Tourism - my penang, my experience

‘My Penang, My Experience’ is an advertising campaign organized by Penang’s tourism arm – Penang Global Tourism. The initial launch was done in Singapore in various public spots like MRT stations and public bus posters.

‘My Penang, My Experience’ is a campaign that projects the nostalgic and cultural side of the state – stately colonial buildings, a melting pot of east-west fashion and a friendly population to welcome visitors.

This campaign is co-developed with Mr Richard Hsu from H+, Shanghai

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paper Russian Dolls

There are 5 dolls in each set of Russian Doll. The biggest doll contains 4 other dolls that gradually descend in size with the last one being the smallest.The layered structure of the Russian Doll presents a great way to tell a story or convey a message in a sequence, content can be anything from God, nature, man, spirituality, traditions and culture.

Chinese Opera Mask Series

Devotion Series

Fortune/Fate Series

I Consume Therefore I Am Series

Man&God Series


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