Saturday, November 14, 2009

6 Short Film


Hear Say Here Say


Mexter Technology bhd is an IT solutions provider that was public-listed in 1992. The company was recently restructured for further improvement and to take its business to a new level. The restructuring and expansion of Mexter’s businesses called for a new image and identity for Mexter as the old one no longer reflected who Mexter is, what it wants to be and where it wants to be. 3nity was called in to create its new brand identity.


Tupperware Malaysia the world-renowned plastic containers brand, launching a new product, a foldable / inflatable container named ‘Go Flex!’.

3nity was appointed as design consultant to design the product’s packaging and website. Our responsibilities also included designing marketing collaterals for the product’s regional launch.


F&N Coca-Cola came to us asking for a redesign of the existing Schweppes soda drink. Where the old design had targeted the soft drink market in general, the new design would target a more up-market clientele, specifically for consumption as an alternative to alcohol in clubs and bars. Our solution makes use of the inherent sleekness of aluminium, giving it an urban and contemporary feel. This, coupled with bold graphic representations of the flavours — lime, lemon, grapefruit — made for the successful rebirth of the newly-named Schweppes flavoured sparkling drinks.


We were approached by the client to solely design a product logo and packaging for their new concentrated isotonic drink. Design solutions are to target individuals with an active lifestyle. Currently, in application, bold graphics developed for the generic bottle label, gives the product an energetic, masculine and vibrant feel. Consultation on design and ideas for a ‘collectable lifestyle bottle’ is also completed in the scope of work, but is currently in P&C status.

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