Monday, November 25, 2013

Master's Philosophy and Islamic Grid on Tiles

The abstract art of Islam represents the sophisticated development of a non-naturalistic tradition, since the portrayal of human and animal forms has always been discouraged on religious grounds, so as to avoid idolatry. Hence, among the world's great artistic traditions, islamic art has maintained its singular integrity and inner content with the least diversion from its aim: the affirmation of unity as expressed in diversity.

Monday, November 18, 2013

3X Working Holiday, Hong Kong - part 2

Typical HK breakfast - 港式餐蛋面+奶茶

Lamma island

Causeway Bay

Old coffee shop in Temple street

Tai Ping Shan street - the coolest little street in Sheung Wan

Interesting mural

Kubrick Café & Bookstore, Broadway Cinematheque Properous Garden.

Visit to the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre 賽馬會創意藝術中心 - once home to Hong Kong’s numerous cottage industries, this former factory building now houses more than 100 artists and art organisations of various forms.

Farewell dinner - steamboat

Souveniors - Sosoap!

It was lucky to meet with Michael of HK Farm on the last day! He was kind enough to show us around his studio and rooftop farm in Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon.

Visit to Woofer Ten - a non-profit art community space in Yau Ma Tei that aims at introducing a lively conception of contemporary art engaging the community.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

3X Working Holiday 14-15 Oct, Codesign Hong Kong

Day 1: Tagged along Eddie and Hung to check out the voice recording for I’mperfect Tasting at The Library by sound pocket.

Visit to Hong Kong Design Institute Gallery. “300 families” Photography Exhibition showcased 300 Hong Kong family portraits taken by 12 local photography artists, each featuring unique family concepts.

Day 2: Welcome to Codesign Hong Kong!

Master Hung’s workstation, very zen...

Master Eddy & Carrie (our hardworking AE) at work.

from left - Eddie, Eddy, Tze (3nity), Calvin, Simpson, Yin and Alan.

I’mperfect Tasting opening at Oil Street Art Space - Different to most art programme opening, I’MPERFECT TASTING is a multi-sensual experiment initiated by I’MPERFECT XCHANGE. A collaborative effort between designers, local organic farmers, herb experts, gourmet chefs as well as artisans, I’MPERFECT TASTING aim to create a place and time where we can all relax and open up, to taste through our taste buds, our mind as well as the imperfection within.

Burning midnight oil to prepare for the event opening.

Can’t do without the local ‘外卖’. Yum!

Labelling chinese herbs with guidance from the herb expert, Mr. Chan.

Group photo - Codesign staff, helpers from HKDI etc... (source: i’mperfect)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Man&God at TEDx Petaling Street

Together with Eddy Yu, the co-founder of 3X and 15 other speakers, Joseph shared about Man&God in TEDx Petaling Street. There was a surprise appearance by Lee Swee Keong, our very own Butoh master, performing his version of Man&God.

TEDx Petaling Street is the first chinese spoken TEDx event in Malaysia. This vision is shared by those who believe that the art of story telling is refined if conveyed in its mother tongue. More so, if the stories evoke optimism, passion and creative ideas that transform the speaker’s life. TEDx Petaling Street hopes to spread the word by gathering many talented Malaysians with such stories and give them an opportunity to share their ideas and passion with others.

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