Thursday, November 12, 2015

D’STATE OF D'NATION | Instant Cafe Theatre celebrates 2.6 decades of D'Nonsense.

1 Dec 2015, PJ Civic Centre | Red Carpet starts at 7.45PM | Show starts at 8.30PM
4-6 Dec 2015, DPAC | Show starts at 8.30PM

A Gila Gala Reunion Performance by the Instant Cafe Cronies 

Turning 2.6 decades old on December 1, Instant Café Theatre Company takes us down Malaysia mudah lupa lane with its best hits and political satire classics. Join this one-night-only emergency meeting of the 25 Prominent Comedians ++ as they ask:

What is happening to D’State of the D’Nation? Are things so D’Pressing that some of us are actually missing the good old days of ISA D’tention? Has it gotten worse or has it always been this funny? Instant Café is here to remind us there were no good old days. But we laughed anyway.

Together with friends, Instant Café Theatre holds a D’State of D’Nation Telethon to raise 2.6 Billion Ringgit and return Malaysia to its former Glory. And Dignity. And Currency. Come join us as we save Malaysia – or die laughing. Be part of this National Event!

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Box Evolve @ ARCHIDEX 15

12 -15 August      10A.M - 7.00 P.M      Kuala Lumpur Conventional Centre Malaysia

A box is a box is a box.
Or is it? Is there more to it than to just be a square or rectangle? At its start, when we use a box to carry goods, we should already be thinking of what it can become, and not how it will end. Because we believe, life is to be lived to the full, so as to realize one’s fullest potential. It applies to people, it applies to boxes. we approach life and our world.

Join us as we embark on a journey to reimagine, repurpose and bring a new beginning to the humble box. A journey that will redefine and rethink the way we approach life and our world.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Project B

Retail Identity
Client: Dignity / Berjaya

Project B is a café developed to sustain Dignity for Children Foundation through generating income to support the school; provide training for the children in the field of F&B and business; empower the children with the society and connecting Dignity as an social enterprise with the community.

Penang Leaders Forum

19-20 April 2015

A cross presentation, dialogue & workshop with leaders of Penang organised
by Penang institute.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Point 92

Point 92 is a 14 storey office building named after the 0.92 acre site it is located in. Due to the humble size of it's site there was a need to maximize it's architectural floorspace. This resulted in limited outdoor spaces reserved mainly for driveways drop off and service roads. Therefore the landscape needs to maximize the effects of greenery within a very limited space.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Oloiya CNY 2015, 我来也有你心。

This Chinese New Year, concerns over inflation were reducing the spirit of celebration. Since the cost of living is increasing, we wanted to create a campaign to bring more joy towards others by adding a little more care, love and appreciation! Oloiya demonstrated these values by not increasing the prices of their product but added 6% more dried meat instead! Various products catering to the needs of kids, the elderly and even the health-conscious were created to show their thoughtfulness. 

Oloiya continued their culture of giving by distributing goodie bags to the elderly, fundraising for Chinese schools, sponsoring Lion Dance teams and also serving ice-cold herbal tea to the patrons of Petaling Street.






Less Sugar Dried Meat 少糖肉乾

Healthy eating is the key to prosperity! This Chinese New Year, Oloiya presents a healthier alternative to our delectable dried meat. The Oloiya Less Sugar Dried Meat with 50% less sugar while retaining its great taste! 


The Best of Petaling Street 茨廠街老字號禮盒

The gastronomic heritage of Petaling Street's cultural routes is now available in one package! Have a taste of the true flavours of Petaling Street in the Petaling Street Curated Pack which includes Oloiya’s dried meat, Kong Woi Fong’s tea leaves, Zhoi Fatt Heng’s sautéed duck legs, Kim Lian Kee’s rice vermicelli, Fung Wong Bakery’s walnut shortbreads, and Ho Yoke Kee’s happiness candies!

我來也很貼心地召集了茨廠街老字號, 一起推出別具意義的春節禮盒。打開這份禮盒,就可以嚐到我來也 、鳳凰餅家、 再發興、廣匯豐、金蓮記及何玉記聯合獻上的肉乾、核桃酥、臘鴨腿、花茶、麵線及吉利糖,祝願大家 豐衣足食,豐收年年。

Convenient Pack 迷你摻

Forest Gump said: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Life as we know it, is always full of surprises. With that in mind, Oloiya introduced its exciting Convenient Pack with 7 different flavours of Oloiya's favourite picks in one pack!

《阿干正传》说:人生像一盒《迷你摻》, 你永遠不曉得你會嚐到甚麼口味 所以打开 一盒《迷你摻》 ,就可以尝到七种不同的口味, 像人生,永远充满未知的驚喜。取舍是痛苦的, 我來也贴心的安排,就是讓你不必三心两意!

Corporate Sales Packaging 商家送禮包裝

In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, Oloiya presents its Corporate Sales Packaging for all business owners! By creating special customization on our packaging, this becomes the perfect gift to promote your business and strengthen bonds this festive season! 

我來也今年别出心裁推出商家送禮精美包裝。 送礼也是一种关心的表现,因此我来也做好每一項細節 ,替商家在包装盒印上商标,小小细节,更具意义。

Festive Gift Bags 佳節禮袋

Facebook Poster

“Good Day” Calendar 日曆 “加好日”
Oloiya’s Ang Pau packet 我來也紅包封

Care for Chong Hwa 關心中華獨中


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