Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PJ Trade Centre

PJ Trade Centre is a development concept based on a Malaysian paradigm – it is of its time, culture, climate and context.
It begins with the understanding that many office buildings in the country are unsuited for our environment, being based
on a western model to fit temperate climates and western contexts. This development is rooted in the Malaysian context
of heat, humidity, materials and construction practices. It is unpretentious with regard to its choice of form and finish,
articulated to age gracefully with the passing of time – like a garden wall.

3nity is proud to be invited onboard to propose a customized way finding system that embeds this development concept. The root of the architecture is threaded into a functional identity system – from directional signages at the carparks to the comfort & social zones of the respective offices.

Emkay Gallery

The EMKAY Group is one of the few renowned Bumiputera property development companies in Malaysia. 3nity was appointed to tell the story of Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal’s dream through his gallery. The task entails structuring of information architecture and to design develop a display system for clear segmentation of content, and ease of updates.
The close working relationship with EMKAY Group’s team of writers and interior designers also contributed to the success of the project.

This gallery’s objective is:
To provide information, particularly in the field of property development, to those who aspire to be entrepreneurs and businessmen; To inspire students in upper secondary schools, colleges and universities through everyday experiences;
To motivate aspiring business people to understand that business is also about the issue business conducts, product quality and integrity, among others.

Monday, March 15, 2010

UBG Berhad

UBG Berhad is a relatively unknown public-listed company to the investment industry in Malaysia. Their past is strongly linked to a Sarawak banking group. They have now taken the form of an investment holding company with a diversified group of subsidiaries in the construction and utilities industries.

UBG aspires to be a world-class entity that goes beyond investment and wants to be perceived as a long-term partner, a responsible corporate citizen and a catalyst of sustainable economic growth. 3nity is tasked to formulate a branding & identity strategy to project UBG as a dynamic holding company.

Kuwait Finance House - iliv

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) approached 3nity with a request to brand its many luxury properties acquired from around the world. Despite their varied characteristics and geographical locations,we identified a common trait among KFH’s properties – they are all luxury residences of the finest quality and are profitable investment pieces. It was decided to house them under one brand so that the collection could have a focused positioning and be effectively marketed. A brand naming exercise followed then a brandmark was created and implemented. A communications strategy was also drawn out to establish and communicate the newly created brand, ILIV.

Hope Project

When we looked around our world this year — we realized that there has been a lot of bleakness. These things can overwhelm, and it is sometimes easy to forget that there is still hope.

But Hope, no matter how small — can be magic.

So we decided to tune in to the Malaysian voice on the topic of Hope. These here are a selection of those voices, thoughts and ideas.Through them, we hope that you may find yourself, glimpse into the future of Malaysia, and be inspired.

This season, it's time to give Hope some limelight.

Check out our hope movement at and video interviews

Dasein Academy of Art

The DASEIN Academy of Art is an art school based in Kuala Lumpur. Offering courses like Graphic Design, Illustration, Fine Art, Mass Communication, Animation, and Digital Media – it believes good holistic education can cultivate creativity among young Malaysians.

3nity was approached to produce unique and interesting marketing material for DASEIN. This material should also double as a prospectus for courses available.

Main Objective –
To inspire potential art students and to instill the concept of creativity being a way of life.

Prospectus –
The team at 3nity developed the idea of a little book that has blank pages for journalling/notes, but also contained functional and practical knowledge about Art and Design.

The book was divided into 2 parts:
1. The Process – Impartation of Knowledge (this includes information about courses available)
2. The Journey – Blank pages for students to personalize their creative journey.

Packaging for the prospectus was also two-pronged. The paper wrapping the prospectus was an attractive poster, but it also contained information about the ‘Dasein Circle Challenge’ – an online creative challenge that potential students can
participate in to win attractive prizes.

Man & God

Man+God is a project by Art4Soul. It seeks to explore the relationship between Man and God through the eyes and ideas of creative minds of different faiths and various cultures. It re-examines the ancient questions of God in a new way at a crucial time. The result is a series of powerful and thought-provoking visuals contributed by notable designers and artists from Africa, Austria, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Man+God was launched in Kuala Lumpur in April 2003. It kicked off with a book, also titled ‘Man+God’, and a poster show. Since then, Man+God has been exhibited in Penang, Singapore, New York, Stuttgart Germany and Taiwan. Along its journey around the globe, not only has its number of contributors grown, the scope of this project has also expanded beyond book and poster design and now includes moving graphics, installation art and performing art; all of which were presented at the exhibition aptly titled ‘Man+God –3 Years on the Road’ in Galleriiizu, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2006, ‘Man+God International Visual Feast, Taipei and Kaohsiung’ in Taiwan 2007 and in Beijing China 2008.

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