Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paper Russian Dolls

There are 5 dolls in each set of Russian Doll. The biggest doll contains 4 other dolls that gradually descend in size with the last one being the smallest.The layered structure of the Russian Doll presents a great way to tell a story or convey a message in a sequence, content can be anything from God, nature, man, spirituality, traditions and culture.

Chinese Opera Mask Series

Devotion Series

Fortune/Fate Series

I Consume Therefore I Am Series

Man&God Series


WWF - Art For Nature 2010

Art for Nature is WWF Malaysia annual charity art exhibition event. 3nity was invited to create the identity of this year's event based on the theme "Survival". The concept was based on the ability and need to adapt to change in order to survive in the current times. Adaptation in the form of blending in with the surrounding and the environment of our surrounding and ever changing new conditions. The event theme "Survival" is used as a subject which is trying to "adapt" into the design of the brochure blending into various elements like texts and photos. The basic event catalogue could also be "adapted" into a poster.

WWF Malaysia – Nature As Artist/Designer

In conjunction with the event, Joseph Foo (3nity) and Zi Hao the researcher from Dasein Academy of Arts proposed to create a document to explore the inter-relation between nature and art, where nature can be found in art and art can be found in nature. It's also observation on the relation of form and function in nature, which sometimes is a masterpiece by itself.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yunus Emre Cultural & Art week events, Eskisehir Turkey

Artistic Reflections on Calligraphy & Typography

International Yunus Emre Cultural & Art week events

Eskisehir, Turkey | 2-20 May 2011

Joseph was invited to speak and conduct workshop at the International Yunus Emre Cultural & Art week in Eskisehir, co-organized by the Eskisehir state government and Anadolu University. He involves in series of workshops and lectures during the week. In the workshop, students were ask to contemplate and reflect on the issue of God and communicate through visual in a form of installation, poster and object.

Joseph is also invited to exhibit his work in 'Yunus Emre, an artistic reflections on calligraphy & typography' together with artist/designers from all over Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Iran, Japan, Malaysia and United States.

Artwork by Joseph Foo & Myct "Only the word I divides me from God - Yunus Emre"

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