Monday, March 28, 2016

LKY World City Prize Folder

To design and produce a bespoke presentation kit for the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize submission. The design approach is inspired by the heritage of Penang, with the use of peranakan tiles, batik print textiles and natural wood to reflect the essence of the island state.

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Kuala Lumpur Journal

3nity was approached to create a brand identity for a boutique hotel in KL city centre. Designed with an inviting vibe where nostalgia meets industrial chic, The Kuala Lumpur Journal is centrally located in the city’s main shopping and entertainment district of Changkat Bukit Bintang – the hub of KL nightlife with its thriving bar culture and KL’s foodie mecca, Jalan Alor. Our role is to build a brand that resonates with the target audience and compliments their travel motivations. Centered around its guests in connection with the hotel’s surroundings and its culture, The Kuala Lumpur Journal is a hotel which provides premium comfort and flexible amenities with an authentic, engaging touch of local culture. This authentic space offers unique ‘curated experiences’ that allow guests to go on a discovery journey which is personally enriching and inspiring – from exploring the local neighbourhood to a chance meeting with a co-working space tenant.


3nity was asked to create a new brand identity for a local bottled mineral water company.

Airia is a combination of the word air (water) and ria (happy) when air is spelled backwards in Bahasa Malaysia. Traits that the brand name invokes when one consumes water.

Inspiration for Airia stems from the minerals contained in the water which is sourced from the mountain which is believed to benefit the local inhabitants (Human & Animals) as a result of the positivity and longevity of the surroundings and the inhabitants.

The brand identity design is a green watercolour circle which represents a human face whilst the handwritten ‘Airia’ signifies the facial features to the sight of a happy smiling face. The bottle silhouette derives from the shape of bamboo which grown within water source. 

Together with the trademark and bottle the brand highlights natural joy and happiness.

Southern Marina

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tamarind Square Tenant Brochure

Tamarind Square is a unique retail and office development that’s set within a green oasis, which naturally draws the community together, especially the young generation. 

The brochure is given a nostalgic yet modern design direction with simple and bold typography play, a diverse range of illustration styles, and a combination of traditional and modern graphic elements to signify diversity in the community. The earth colour tone creates a grounding and soothing feeling to the viewer.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Generations of 3nitian reunite at 3nity 3.0 | 29 Jan 2016

On 29 Jan 2016, our very first official gathering with 3nity's ex-staffs after renovation for months. At the same time, we are celebrating Chinese New Year with this big family! We share thoughts, we share stories and we share good foods as well.

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