Friday, January 15, 2010

185 Pictures

185 Pictures is a film production company started by 2 young professional who are already well-known in the industry. The main objective of the identity is to project them as contemporary, young and different. One major benefit of the identity is the tact that it sets them apart from the rest of the film production company whose identity are saturated with cliches of ‘film strip’, ‘cameras’ and ‘director’s chairs. Besides that, the stock also portray them.

This film-production company derives its name from the conventional ratio of a cinema screen which is 1.8:5. It is a deadpan statement which is, nevertheless, contemporary and stylish. With this in mind, we designed a logo which is whimsical, youthful and minimal, and clever in that deadpan manner.

The logo uses a series of three configurations of dots which add up to 1, 8 and 5 in sequence. The placement of dots change with each application but always amount to that same number, providing subtle entertainment to the discerning viewer.

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