Monday, May 16, 2011

Yunus Emre Cultural & Art week events, Eskisehir Turkey

Artistic Reflections on Calligraphy & Typography

International Yunus Emre Cultural & Art week events

Eskisehir, Turkey | 2-20 May 2011

Joseph was invited to speak and conduct workshop at the International Yunus Emre Cultural & Art week in Eskisehir, co-organized by the Eskisehir state government and Anadolu University. He involves in series of workshops and lectures during the week. In the workshop, students were ask to contemplate and reflect on the issue of God and communicate through visual in a form of installation, poster and object.

Joseph is also invited to exhibit his work in 'Yunus Emre, an artistic reflections on calligraphy & typography' together with artist/designers from all over Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Iran, Japan, Malaysia and United States.

Artwork by Joseph Foo & Myct "Only the word I divides me from God - Yunus Emre"

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