Monday, August 11, 2014

Ornapaper+ Cardboard Products

Ornapaper+ is a collaboration between ornapaper and 3nity, with the aim of adding value to corrugated cardboard through design. Through the marriage of environmentally friendly cardboard and inspired product design, we hope to promote the 3Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle – with a dash of fun and style.The Ornapaper+ range of products encompasses stationery, carriers and home accessories, and can be customised on demand. Drawing inspiration from familiar, everyday objects, we have created playful yet usable pieces, crafted from recycled paper cardboard.

Ornapaper is Malaysia’s leading manufacturer of ethical packaging.

3nity is a design partnership based in Malaysia.

Folder designs are inspired by postal stationery. Range includes document, Macbook and iPad cases. Classic design folders secured with white postal rubber band.

A series of folder made by Recycled Cardboard.

Hexagon postal tubes and clutches. Suitable for mailing and storage. The clutch and pint-size tubes are perfect for stationery, spectacles and transforms into quirky evening clutch!

One-fold simple card holder, accented with coloured crisscross rubber band.

Reinventing the familiar zig-zag trimmed grocery paper bag as playful portfolio cases and totes.

Inspired by thee classic doctor's bag. Comes in two sizes, large for hand-held tote and small with adjustable sling-strap.

Compact, light, durable and portable range of stools and benches. Suitable for both home or commercial use.

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