Thursday, November 12, 2015

D’STATE OF D'NATION | Instant Cafe Theatre celebrates 2.6 decades of D'Nonsense.

1 Dec 2015, PJ Civic Centre | Red Carpet starts at 7.45PM | Show starts at 8.30PM
4-6 Dec 2015, DPAC | Show starts at 8.30PM

A Gila Gala Reunion Performance by the Instant Cafe Cronies 

Turning 2.6 decades old on December 1, Instant Café Theatre Company takes us down Malaysia mudah lupa lane with its best hits and political satire classics. Join this one-night-only emergency meeting of the 25 Prominent Comedians ++ as they ask:

What is happening to D’State of the D’Nation? Are things so D’Pressing that some of us are actually missing the good old days of ISA D’tention? Has it gotten worse or has it always been this funny? Instant Café is here to remind us there were no good old days. But we laughed anyway.

Together with friends, Instant Café Theatre holds a D’State of D’Nation Telethon to raise 2.6 Billion Ringgit and return Malaysia to its former Glory. And Dignity. And Currency. Come join us as we save Malaysia – or die laughing. Be part of this National Event!

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