Monday, February 27, 2017

Man&God Bangkok 2017

During the set up of Man&God Bangkok, we had support from our sponsors HP, our partners and students of SoA+D, Kmutt and Tribes Community.

Kentaro Hiroki working on "God is on Our Side"

Peerada Puapoomcharoen putting final touches to "A Group Selfie"

Hanging up Pannaphan Yodmanee's "God of Harmony" with the help of SoA+D students

The 15th edition of Man&God Bangkok had great support from the Thai artists and design community. Their intricate and detailed works rooted in their culture made it relevant to our visitors. On the opening night, Hongtae Taecholarn (one of our featured artist) hosted a small sharing with other featured artists about their work for Man&God before the audiences enjoyed a Butoh performance by Lee Swee Keong. In this performance, Swee Keong captivated the audiences with a performance in an enclosure, with the audience observing his movements through a glass box. Swee Keong performed in a Garuda mask made by Hongtae amidst 3nity's installation of "Pick Your Seat", with the accompaniment of Khun Anant's music.

Hongtae Taecholarn with Anant Narkkong

From left Loo Jye Miin (3nity), Napapsorn Khanom (SoA+D), Anne (KMUTT), Joseph Foo (3nity), Anant Nakkrong, Lee Swee Keong, Kentaro Hiroki (KMUTT), Hongtae Taecholarn, Woraseth Nipatkusol (Tribes)

Sali Sasaki, Hongtae Taecholarn and Joseph Foo shared their thoughts on Visual Arts & Spirituality on 17th February. Their upbringing in their respective culture inspired distinctive art style though connected through the same theme. Following the sharing, Swee Keong performed again but this time for 3 consecutive times at Tribes Community. He started with a haunting performance on the 1st floor, gradually moved up to the rooftop for a performance with Bangkok as his backdrop, lastly inside the glass box on the 4th floor. For most of the audience, it was their first encounter with Butoh.

Sali Sasaki sharing her thoughts on Visual Arts & Spirituality

Q&A Session with our speakers

Anant Nakkong

Man&God Bangkok was graced by a live street performance of a Thai folktale Kra-Tua Taeng Seua (A Tiger Hunt) by Wat Khuha Sawan Folk Play Company on 19th February. The film screening of "A Tiger Hunt" by Sakarin Krue-On added the final touches to the night. Amidst Bangkok's cityscape and its sounds in the background, it was a perfect blend of tradition and modern Thai culture on the rooftop of Tribes Community. A Tiger Hunt is commissioned by Singapore Art Museum for Singapore Art Biennale 2016: An Atlas of Mirrors.

A group photo with Wat Khuha Sawan Folk Play Company

Film screening of "A Tiger Hunt"

Read the full report of Man & God Bangkok from our media parther Art4D here

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