Thursday, August 2, 2018

An Awesome Weekend at KKB

3nity had a relaxing weekend trip to its newly completed holiday home at KKB (Kuala Kubu Bharu), just a little more than an hour’s trip from Petaling Jaya. This light-filled modern structure is perched on the hillside, with the entrance leading downwards. The stairs (flanked by one bedroom on each side) lead to the living room surrounded by nature itself, with only floor to ceiling glass panes separating the inside and outside. The steel structure balcony hanging in mid-air extends the reach further, inviting one to take in the mountain and valley views along with the fresh scent of surrounding greens. For a refreshing dip, one could just head over to the infinity pool.

We had a great time and most of us slept over, even directly under the full moon and stars. One lucky fellow spotted a shooting star too. Most of us were up by dawn to catch the rising sun, right in the horizon of the balcony’s front. A few of the more enthusiastic ones (and not afraid of heights) climbed up the roof to catch the view.Many thanks to everyone who made this trip an awesome one–those who organised and prepared food for the BBQ, bought the satay, drove, put on cool music and cracked jokes–and of course, for planning it to be on the longest lunar eclipse of the century.

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